warm up!! warm up!! it's color!!

by - March 05, 2015

Hai alls!! seperti yg aku mention didalam post yang lepas, aku dh start beli menda dlm gambar di atas tu..u know what!! it's almost 13 years aku x sentuh mnda2 ni..aku xde idea pn nk conteng for my first artwork..no idea..but i just let my hand do something i don't know..haha..it's just warm up session..now, i need more quality water color instead of one in the picture but i don't know where to buy 'em..can anyone suggest the best shop in Kota Bharu..please don't tell me stationery store in kl, melaka, or johor..i need one in kelantan..within 2 hrs i can't do much dgn housework yg x pernah berkesudahan..hrmm, i guess i need to create housework timetable + diy/artproject timetable..it's easy to create but to follow?? NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE..huhuhu...

ok let me share my ugly artwork..tema dia.."no idea".. haha..

Edward Abbey — 'Great art is never perfect; perfect art is never great.'
Okay guys, that's all my potpetpotpet for today..i've anotha thing to do for my love "AQ AQUATIC"..


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