Graduated at last

by - December 13, 2012

i'm thinking seriously about my age...i'm the oldest among ' friend masa diploma dlu masing2 dh bkerjaya while i'm just graduated..but alhamdulillah syukur i graduated at last..even though a bit late..i still remember how poor my result during's hard to get even 3.00 gpa..finally i graduated my diploma below's ok yg lpas tu biarkn je, skrg aku kena bersyukur dgn apa yg aku dpt ni..wlupun terkilan sedikit..well, tipu la

 kn if aku ckp tak terkilan sbb last sem aku x dl so, i didn't had a chance to wear selempang  merah jambu like those success students..fortunately, i don't need to pay for ptptn..yess!! money motivation that lead me to a 1st class bachelor's degree..thank you so much to anyone (lecturers, family, friends and tak lupa juge haters) mmg i tak pernah lupa haters ni coz they actually make me stronger..u've value in my degree ni totally different environment compare to time diploma..masa diploma dlu heaven beb..maklumlah my sister lecturer kat situ..slalu la lunch ng my sister kat hotel uitm tu..ohh yer, dulu i study kat uitm dungun..pendek kate semuanye mudah need to faced difficulties as i suffered in melaka..for the 1st semester i pregnant..those who have experience only know how tired pregnant woman are..i lost many things including my late mom and all the comfortable environments..i continue my days crying day and night..mood org pregnant lain skit..very sensitive..aku fikir nk stop je study masa tu..lgpun aku fikir performance aku bknnye bgus sgt jika dilihat time diploma dlu..i was surprised when i got my first sem encourages me to continue..dari situ aku mula terfikir if I've being given a chance to move on or to fulfill my late mom's dream..after delivery aqeem, i spent 6 months with him to give him full breastfeeding. so, i need to extent one semester..bila masuk blik study, i need to start from scratch again where i need to familiarized myself with new friends and bla blaaaa...many things oleh kerana aku dh tak pregnant lg, i got energy to join many activities..quite active la time tu..actually aku saje je nk busy kn diri so that aku xde la tlalu ingatkn si anak...alhamdulillah..aku bjaya mengharungi segala suka duka sepanjang di melaka...oh yer, rase mcm tak puas je study lg..huhu...bak kata org menuntut ilmu sampai ke negeri china..dlu kira china jauh la tu kn...perhaps far than that...semoga dipermudahkn for the next stage...amin

some colors of my graduation day...i wish she were here to hug me..but i know she's happy there..

here's my la FLOWER aku time konvo ni..

waitin for my turn...

he look weirdly at my robe...
i don't know how to define who is she in my life..perhaps she's value more than friends that i've ever met..i'll miss her...

my bro..guess what..he's my inspiration too..he did very well during his study from standard 1 until postgraduate..he and my eldest sister (now she's in Sheffield pursuing PhD in accountancy) both of them had always encourages me

dh pernah konvo kn time diploma dlu so xde la se excited mcm kwn2 lain yg blum pernah

son n ank2 sedareku yg cumel2 

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